Prices and terms for season 2023/2024

Prices and terms 

Do you have a question about prices or tickets? Please contact us at billett@strandafjellet.no or telephone +47 922 26 255 (during opening hours)

Lift pass  8-17 years (65+) 18 years+ Family*
1 day (includes all our lifts, also the cable car)  NOK 410 NOK 530  
2 hours  NOK 260 NOK 365  
3 hours NOK 340 NOK 460  
1 day family (2 adult + maximum 4 children)     NOK 1500*
1 day student (mid week only, includes evening from 16-20)   NOK 298  
1 day Fursettrekket (mast 4 - not to the top)  NOK 140 NOK 140  
2 days @ Stranda (optional days) NOK 710 NOK 910  
Evening skiing from 4 PM to 8 PM NOK 275 NOK 305  
Single trip NOK 65 NOK 110  
Gondola round trip  NOK 120 NOK 280 NOK 660*
Gondola one way  NOK 100 NOK 200 NOK 450*
10-trip-ticket ** NOK 630 NOK 995  
SEASON PASS         
Season pass mid week  NOK 2600 NOK 3500  
Season pass @ Stranda NOK 4500 NOK 5900 NOK 14900*

Snøkvit (children's area): free and not necessary with keycard

Children 0-7 years: free (must have a keycard in all other lifts then Snøkvit)

4th grade: free (see terms below)

Keycard (mandatory for everyone): NOK 75

* Purchasing a family package (see terms below)

** 2 trips are registered on your 10-trip ticket card when using the Gondola


Student day pass is only valid on weekdays Monday till Friday (not weekends and holidays). The discount applies to students upon presentation of student ID and paid semester fee (discount is not valid for high school students). Unfortunately, we do not offer season pass with a student discount.

4th grade

We offer free Alpepass season pass to all children in 4th grade. Season pass must be booked online and picked up before January 31st. Valid ID (passport or birth certificate) must be presented when pick up.


Download Apcoa FLOW app for automatic payment or buy season parking ticket.

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We ask all our guests to keep updated on our newest information on social media (or https://fnugg.no/stranda/ if you are not on social media).

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Note! It is not possible to upgrade a local season pass to a Alpepass season pass.

Alpepass prices 



We want to make all our guests aware that the weather and snow conditions can change very quickly here at Sunnmore. As a guest you are therefore responsible for assessing the weather- and snow conditions based on your skiing and snowboarding skills BEFORE buying a lift pass. No compensation will be given in the event of downtime due to, for example, bad weather conditions, powercut, machine faults etc.


Refund on lift ticket purchased the same day:

No refund will be given on lift tickets due to bad weather, fog, snowing, icing, technical faults etc. If you are unsure about the weather and snow conditions, contact the ticket office BEFORE you buy a lift pass. In case of injury or illness, reimbursement will be given upon presentation of a medical certificate immediately after a doctor's visit. Reimbursement in case of illness or injury will only be given to the person who is ill or injured, and only for the days the lift pass has not been used. In case of early departure due to unforeseen circumstances, no refund will be given on lift tickets.



The family package includes 2 adults and up to 4 children between the age of 8-17 years living in the same household. This will be checked through public registers. Children over the age of 17 are counted as an adult, and are not included in a family package. NOK 500 per extra youth between 18-19 years. This can only be bought together with a season pass package for the family. Approved identification will be required from all family members. Please check if this pass is better for you financially as a family, before you start buying individual season passes.

The season pass is personal, also within your own family — and must not be transferred. In the event of misuse, or violation of guidelines, or of the alpine trail rules, the lift pass can be revoked. The whole family also risk losing their cards. The entire payment must be made by visa / bank card upon purchase. Children from 0-7 years have free entry to the lifts (must have a keycard). In the children’s area called Snøkvit they don’t need a keycard.

Family package (1 day skipass)

Family package (1 day) applies for 2 adults and 2 children between 8-17 years. Children over the age of 17 are counted as an adult, and are not included in a family package.


This season pass is valid from monday morning till friday evening (not valid during the easter holidays).


Applies on day passes from monday to friday. Does not apply on saturday and sunday, Christmas holidays, winter holidays and Easter. Valid student ID must be presented upon buying/picking up day pass. In the case of misuse, the day pass will be blocked, without the possibility for refund.


We provide a 10% discount on day pass and 3 hours pass Stranda Ski Resort when buying at least 15 ski pass (must be purchased together).


KeyCard is mandatory for all lift tickets except single trips. KeyCard is a reusable and can be used in several ski centers in Norway / abroad. With a few simple steps, you can recharge an existing keycard or buy a new one which you will pick up at the ticket machines outside our new welcome center (Stova 1957) by scanning the QR code on the receipt you will receive by e-mail. To make your next purchases go as quickly as possible, we recommend that you create a user and save your personal and keycard data. Your data are protected according to GDPR.


The age limit for using the chair lifts alone is 10 years. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult when using chair lift.


The lift pass is personal and can not be transferred. If this happens, the card will be confiscated and you will have to pay 1500 NOK. Guests up to the age of 17 must prove their age when buying tickets. If you cannot identify yourself as a child, an adult ticket will be charged. Valid identification is a bank card, travel card for bus or a copy of the passport. Age limit for senior is 65 years. Retirement document / identification must be presented. All lift tickets are valid current season only. Last day of this season is April 30th 2023. No refund will be given for lift tickets that have not been used. Lost cards will not be replaced. No return. In the case of misuse or violation of the alpine trail rules, the lift card may be confiscated for the rest of the season.


Stranda Ski Resort is not responsible for bad weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, storm, heavy snow, ice etc, closed facilities or other conditions beyond the company's control. We reserve the right to incorrect pricing and technical problems that may arise. The parties can withdraw from the agreement if the item purchased cannot be used due to acts of war, natural disasters, prolonged water supply interruptions and electricity disruption, and similar cases that neither Stranda Ski Resort nor the guest could anticipate or influence.