Born 8–14 årVaksen 15 år+Student/honnør
2 days during season600 kr760 kr685 kr
Weekend (2 dayas + 1 night)690 kr865 kr780 kr
3 days during season875 kr1105 kr995 kr
4 days during season1115 kr1415 kr1265 kr
5 days during season1370 kr1740 kr1555 kr
6 days during season1600 kr2055 kr1830 kr
days during season1835 kr2350 kr2095 kr
days during season2095 kr2690 kr2390 kr
days during season2310 kr2965 kr2635 kr
10 days during season2495 kr3230 kr2860 kr
Season pass3920 kr5210 kr4570 kr
Family pass13000 kr


Stranda Ski Center is one part of the Alpine Pass. Alpepass is a shared lift card for 8 selected destinations in Western Norway.

Snow enthusiasts of all ages thus get access to:

32 lifts, over 60 runs, 800 meter fall height, terrain parks, free driving, soft snow and fun.

You can buy Alpine passes as season tickets at all of these ski centers. You can also buy cards from 2 to 10 optional days. Any day means you do not have to use the card the following day, but when you want it. This means that you can for example, buy a 3-day Alpine Pass, spend one day at Strandafjellet, wait a few days or weeks and spend the last days at one of the 7 other facilities. You can read more about Alpepass on this page

These facilities are included in the Alpepass collaboration:

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