Season: Vinter Sommer
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Ski Bus From Aalesund

There will be Ski Bus from Aalesund, to Stranda Skiresort, and back to Aalesund every weekend till the end of the season.

We offer bus from Ålesund to Stranda every weekend till the end ot the season.
The bus starts at the bus station in Aalesund, at 0830, and follows the Borgund Road to Moa Bus Terminal before continuing towards Magerholm, Sykkylven and arrive Strandafjellet at 1000. Return from Strandafjellet with the bus from Fjord1. This departs from Strandafjellet at 1700. "Varmestua" will be open untill the bus departure.
To reserve a seat on the Skibus, you can call +47 40 45 13 33.

Ålesund Bus Station at 0830
(via Borgund road-Nørve-College, Gåseid-Hatlen, Åse (not the hospital)
Moa Bus Terminal at 0850
Magerholm at 0910
Sykkylven / Aure at 0930
Stranda Skiresort at 1000

Return From Stranda Skiresort at 1700.

In order to do this as cheap as possible, we have chosen to make use of the scheduled bus from Fjord1 on the return from the Skiresort. This means that there is one price when you are going to Stranda, and a different price back to Aalesund..

From Aalesund to Stranda Skiresort:
At the boarding-Ålesund Magerholm: Adults: NOK 175, - Children: NOK 100,-
At boarding Sykkylven Center: Adults: NOK 140, - Cildren: NOK 60.-
Ferry tickets included..

From Stranda to Ålesund:
When disembarking in Alesund NOK 71, - for the Children and NOK 149,- for Adults.